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HVAC and Kitchen

Side by side comparisons on new equipment costs often over look the more important costs of operations. Installing the right HVAC, and Equipment results in drastically lower monthly energy bills; up to 60% lower than traditional systems. The ostensible savings on equipment purchases quickly evaporate with the arrival of monthly bills.




Lighting retrofits are one of the most impactful and simple solutions available to reduce costs. LED bulbs put off brighter light and require minimal electricity to operate. Even when lights are turned on they are almost cool to the touch; thus considerably reducing  demand on Air Conditioning and keeping energy costs low.


Natural Gas Vehicles

Natural Gas is a globally demanded commodity and a profitable export. Every new vehicle on the road, powered by Natural Gas, alleviates our dependency on volatile nations for fuel. This not only makes us a more self-sufficient and sustainable country, it does so at a fraction of the cost of Diesel and Petroleum. It also creates jobs in the US……an overwhelming win for the country’s prosperity.

Consumer Advocacy

Companies today face growing pressure to implement complete and meaningful sustainability initiatives for a multitude of reasons. Rising and increasing volatile resource costs, changing regulatory environments, consumer and employee expectations for improved corporate responsibility, and investor demands are all important drivers for investment in corporate sustainability transformation. Our Customer Advocate Program pairs the best solutions available to fit your budget and works with you to implement them. All bids will be loaded into your profile {click} for review and allow you to review at your own pace. Don’t worry, you won’t have to talk with a sales person, that’s why you’ve got Mighty.

Vehicle Conversion

Natural Gas is not just a smart fuel option but it is an environmental and social step toward becoming a self sustaining nation. Thanks to research and development efforts consumers have a host of attainable option’s to utilize this abundant commodity while reducing costs for the long term.

Station Builder

No matter what size or volume of CNG station you are considering we keep the process going smoothly. Facilitating bids from multiple builders and working through every step as your advocate ensures that your new investment pays for it’s self in minimal time.

Fuel Contracts

Talk with us about utilizing our extended network to ensure budget certainty for fueling your fleet.



Fleet Maintenance

Once you have decided to capture the savings of converting your fleet to Natural Gas you will need a qualified mechanic to handle vehicle maintenance and servicing.


Cost Management

Specializing in the negotiation of supply cost for public and private fueling stations. There are many supply options for CNG and LNG, let Mighty find solutions that meet your supply and location needs.



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