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“This retrofit is expected to create 80% reduction in electric demand for Best Buy Stores”
Best Buy has made a commitment to replace 35,000 50 watt halogen lamps with 6 watt MR16 LED Lamps.   The initial rollout of 3,150 lamps for 50 stores started in September 2010 and national rollout for all Best Buy Stores is expected to be completed by June of 2011.



"Macy’s expects the retrofit will reduce the company’s energy consumption by 73 percent”
Plans are underway with Macy’s to RETROFIT 117,000 Halogen based lights with highly energy efficient LED Lamps. Going from 43-watt halogen lamps to 17-watt LED lights is expected to provide the same Lumens with considerably less energy use. The new Accent Lighting LED bulbs will be custom-made by Philips.


"Chili’s estimated savings is $3.7 Million per year”
Considered as one of the largest commercial LED Retrofit Projects, Chili’s is replacing 125,000 lights with LED Lamps for both the interior and exterior of 827 corporate owned Chili’s Restaurants across the US.


“Applebee’s reduced its kilowatt hour light load by 80%”
After Testing LED lights in two New York City Restaurants, Applebees saw a significant energy savings. Now all 31 of its New York restaurants will be retrofit with LED Lights.
 Using both Interior and Exterior LED lights, in tests Applebees reduced its average kilowatt hour light load by 80%. The lights used in these retrofits include Cree Lighting, Janmar Lighting, and Dialight.



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