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Ground Service Industry

Local and regional business with high fuel costs can finally take a sigh of relief! The availability of Natural Gas Fueling stations is growing daily; in fact, you would be surprised how close one most likely is to you (click here for station map), The solution to cutting fuel costs is here and very accessible. Most of our major national fleet companies have committed to end their dependency on costly foreign fuel sources. Even states like Oklahoma and Texas which favor traditional fossil fuels can't ignore the cost incentives of converting their fleet. (video Links for Ryder, Waste management) Fortunately, this doesn't require that you go out and buy 10 new trucks for your delivery team. Let’s look for solutions today that give you the edge on your competition; within your current budget. Contact us today and watch us work our magic!

What is really involved?

Natural Gas costs are much more stable than gasoline and diesel where prices are greatly affected when the commodity cost changes. Prudent hedging offers even greater security against rising costs.





CNG has very little cost added to the final pump cost so commodity fluctuation has little impact on final price.






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