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Natural Gas Fueling Stations

What is really involved?

While station availability is no longer a concern in much of the US, many individuals are well suited for installing their own private or public use fueling stations to further their fuel savings. But how viable is that in reality? Click here to see what we recommend. 





Unlike oil which requires extensive refining and aftermarket additives, CNG is refined by “Mother Nature” and is ready to run straight from your pipeline





Companies who decide to invest in their own refueling station can realize another 50% savings bringing the cost in some areas to less than $1.00 per GGE (Gallon Gas Equivalent)

There are two types of refueling stations, time fill and fast fill. How your fleet operates, will ultimately determine which is the best solution for you.


Time fill pumps require less of an initial investment and take anywhere from 60 minutes to overnight to dispense fuel. Personal use and vehicle which are not in constant use are a best fit for this option. A time fill station sends CNG directly into your vehicle and uses the vehicle tank for storage
A time fill station that fuels at 5gge/hr starts at about $25,000.


Fast-fill stations receive fuel from a local utility then use an onsite compressor to liquify the gas. Once compressed the CNG moves to a series of storage vessels so the fuel is ready to go for a quick fill-up. Fast fill stations fill directly from the storage tanks in about the same time it takes to fill an ordinary gasoline or diesel tank.
A fast fill station that can pump 43gge/hr starts at about $180,000.
We’re here to help connect you with experts in the field of CNG conversion and refueling stations. Allowing you access to a customized assessment of your needs, plan of action and any grant or funding options that are available.



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