It’s easier with Mighty on your side…

Connecting buyers and sellers on one intuitive website eliminates the need for multiple salesmen and a confusing bid processes. MEM uses custom profiling to identify business types and auto-sorts products or services best for the customer size, type, location and sustainability goals. Based on the user’s profile, additional products, services and solutions are selected, giving a full portfolio of options for each user.

A full spectrum of solutions are available at the touch of a button. In an instant, shows consumers solutions that fit their current energy budget AND immediately decrease their energy consumption and demand. Every customer who comes to looking for a solution will find something they can afford that will permanently reduce their energy purchasing obligations.

Available solutions include:

  • Risk Protection Education
  • Tax Credits
  • Product Education
  • Leasing Options
  • Budget Education
  • Lending Options
  • Long Term Strategies
  • Reputable Contractors
  • LEED Points

At last! A sustainable energy solution that’s possible and affordable

Today’s hostile and unpredictable energy make it impossible for business owners without energy expertise to make the right purchasing choices. The energy market abounds with fluctuating costs, regulatory changes, and an unstable infrastructure. Furthermore, many end-users will avoid valuable solutions because getting informed means dealing with an overbearing sales person. solves this problem. Our home grown website empowers you to be independent in the buying process and to work at your own pace, while still receiving concierge-level service and industry intelligence. The sales pitch is eliminated and the answer comes down to numbers. We identify improvements that fit existing budgets and help you reach your goals one step at a time. If you are already in a position to make a purchase, we offer financing options as well.

Mighty Energy Mitigation is passionate about sustainability. We align with partners who are equally committed to offering relief to mid-market users through the products they sell. We believe in enabling change through business to business relationships that stimulate private industry, small business growth and local economy. MEM removes the intimidating factors and give all companies, regardless of size, a solution-based format that is easy to understand, as well as execute meaningful changes toward their sustainability goals.



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