Katherine Meik, CEO and Founder

I have a rich history of experience, sales accolades and achievements relevant to the energy industry. Coming from a career in sales, I succeeded by never selling a thing. I rather came around to the other side of the table, saw problems from my customer’s perspective and then helped them buy what they really needed. The sales part took care of itself. For this reason, I see myself as a customer advocate and solutions provider because therein lies my passion. I get a thrill from solving puzzles, saving money, growing businesses and helping people. I’m good at it. It’s that simple!

The energy industry is tailor-made for my passions, beliefs and abilities. The need for customer advocacy where customers are severely underrepresented is very high here. Too many of my “peers” do not take aggressive steps to help customers purchase less energy because our industry is paid for higher usage. Worse still, many people who call themselves “brokers” or “energy consultants” add additional costs that the customer never knows they are paying. Too many businesses close due to high overhead costs because no-one has been there to show them how to make significant reductions through affordable changes readily available to them. This is my passion. This is where every talent I have for making the “impossible” possible comes to the fore. I want to empower mid-market users to compete with the big guys because their operational costs are permanently lowered. I want to be the good I wish to see in others and I want to put the customer in the driving seat so that the numbers speak for themselves… without the sales pitch.



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